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Best NFL Betting Sites – Online NFL betting in Canada is with no doubt a huge business, that’s why there are so many betting sites that accept Canadian players. We checked out there and found the best NFL betting sites legally available in Canada. Before continuing to explain NFL betting and provide some useful NFL betting tips, we’ll highlight some of the best.


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Popular in Canada and around the world, few sports inspire the gambling excitement like the National Football League (NFL).

Since Super Bowl betting sites post futures odds, shortly after each NFL Championship game ends, Canadians can bet on the NFL during all 12 months of the year.

Where To Bet On The NFL?

We know the need for quality NFL betting sites accepting Canadians. We offer some of the NFL best bets below, before moving on to NFL betting tips and information. You can click on the links below for full NFL betting site reviews.

The top choice for Canadians looking to bet on the NFL is Sports Interaction. This Canadian-owned country offers massive odds on NFL games and NFL futures. They also have a huge welcome bonus for Canadians who sign up through the site.

Another site we recommend, especially for bettors looking for live NFL betting, is bet O bet. Bet O bet is the leader in live sports betting, opening up many markets for every ongoing NFL.

NFL Betting Sites Canada

As a fantastic experience, going to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl should be on every sports fan’s bucket list. However, for bettors who don’t have access to Sin City, Canadians can visit the top betting sites that focus on NFL betting events.

As part of the criteria to earn a spot among top 8 football betting sites, sportsbooks must offer a variety of NFL markets. This includes regular season betting lines, NFL playoff odds and a full list of popular Super Bowl betting options. Below we present our NFL betting site reviews.

Knowing which side to bet on is important for cashing out winning bets. However, it is equally important for NFL fans to know the best NFL betting sites in Canada. Finding the clearest pre-game and live game odds, the best accumulator betting site, or the sportsbook that offers the most prop betting options can be a challenge.

What Makes the Best NFL Betting Site

As the online betting business continues to grow, professional and recreational bettors often wonder how to find the right site for the best NFL betting.

Playing at sportsbooks that offer multiple NFL betting odds as well as prop, live and futures betting markets is the key to a profitable online betting experience. Other important components are also recognized as one of the best online NFL betting sites.

Preferred NFL Super Bowl betting sites offer easy account registration – as well as a variety of popular and secure banking options. Both can help bettors get into the action seamlessly.

Find the Best NFL Bets

To get started making the best NFL bet, you should be familiar with the basic NFL betting types. Well, really, you should familiarize yourself with NFL betting styles as much as possible. If you just stick to the basics, you won’t be using all the tools that are really available.

NFL Spread and Totals


Spreads and totals are two very common types of bets in NFL betting. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them, as they provide an excellent backup when the funding line isn’t ideal.

When the game gets blowout, the odds are not ideal. In other words, if the odds aren’t even close, there’s no money to be made either from the favorite or the underdog. This is where spreads and totals come into play.

In the spreads, the favorite must win by a certain number of points. In other words, the bookmaker will give you a number and you can bet on whether your favorite will win by at least that number. You can see why this brings the stakes closer than the actual game.

In totals, the bookmaker will also provide a number. In this case, this is the potential total in a game. You bet on whether their total score will be higher or lower than the one specified by NFL sportsbooks.

Player Props and NFL Team

NFL betting sites are known for their excellent selection of props. This is a sport where you can find many exciting and creative bets.

But what are prop bets? This can be difficult to explain because it involves so many different bets. They are bets that have nothing to do with game over. They tend to be more creative. Usually are divided into two subsections: Team and Player Items.

Team props may display questions such as “Which team will score first?” Or “Is the first goal a field goal?” They are bets that deal with the whole team.

Player props, on the other hand, deal with a single player. You might ask, “How many times has Aaron Rodgers been fired?” For example, you could also ask about rushing yards or points.

NFL Betting Sites FAQs

The best site to place NFL betting in Canada is not an easy question to answer as there are so many options. We recommend that new players check out our list of sportsbooks and choose the one that suits your betting needs.
When looking for an NFL betting site, you should consider several factors. Bonuses offered, competitiveness of odds, selection of betting markets and payment methods available. Once you have assessed these, you can make an informed decision on where to place your bets.
Absolutely. NFL betting sites are completely legal and offer some fantastic opportunities. When you work with our bookmaker, you always bet with a registered bookmaker.
Yes, live betting is available for every NFL game. The most popular live betting options are spreads (the spreads adjust as you play), odds lines and points.
The most popular bets on the NFL are spreads, odds lines and game totals, although most agree that spreads make a difference when betting on the league.