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Best NHL Betting Sites – there is nothing more exciting than watching an NHL game. Between powerful shots, fantastic goals and epic saves, you’re sure to have fun from start to finish.

But what about betting on your favorite team when they’re ready to hit the ice? At BestCasinoCa, all of our partners offer you NHL odds and are a great place to bet night after night on NHL betting sites.

As sports betting odds change frequently, so does NHL action.

However, our trusted partners will provide you with solid updates on these odds for any game you might be looking.

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NHL Betting Sites Canada

Without no doubt that hockey is one of the most favorite sports for Canadian fans, making the NHL sport a major draw every season. The good news for Canadian fans is that our sports betting partners are easy to be reached in Canada.

What makes the best NHL betting site

As you prepare to place various NHL bets, always remember that we work with dozens of partners who are always ready to provide you with the best odds on any NHL game on the schedule you are interested in.

However, it is important for readers to compare the odds of the different sportsbooks they offer. This can be done by accessing the desktop version or the mobile app (if available).

How to Find the Best Hockey Bets

Futures Bets

Futures bets are usually the most exciting. That’s because they only focus on the biggest hockey events of the year. They are usually available for a long time, allowing you to bet on events happening in the next few months. Hence it is called futures betting.


The famous puckline in hockey betting has the same spread as the running line in baseball and many other sports. Basically, sports betting gives the underdog a slight edge in the betting market, making betting more exciting and potentially more profitable.

Let’s take one example, they could give the underdog a 1.5 advantage. What does it mean? In case they lose the match by only one point, they will still win the bet.

Latest NHL Betting Sites Promotions

Throughout the year, top bookmakers will offer a range of fantastic promotions to attract bettors and ensure sports fans bet with them. Typically, these promotions revolve around major events or playoffs, as well as promotions that run throughout the year.

To ensure our players get the most out of the promotions on NHL betting sites, we will keep this page updated with the latest NHL promotional offers from the best bookmakers for Canadian players.

While these are the promotions available today, bookmakers are constantly updating their offers, so be sure to look around.

Best NHL Bets & Betting Options

It only takes a little time and practice to understand the NHL betting lines and the different bets available in any given game, even for beginners. Whether it’s a money line, a hockey line or an over/under bet, we’ve got you covered.

Below we have rounded up the best NHL betting and all the different NHL betting lines available for online betting.

Moneyline bets

NHL Moneyline betting is easy. There are no spreads to contend with, as Moneyline betting only selects the winning team.

Every team has odds to win the game. The team with higher decimal odds is the underdog, and the team with the lowest decimal odds is always the favorite. Players simply choose the winning team to win the bet. It’s that easy.

There is an option to play a type of odds bet called a 3-way or 60-minute bet. This means that you choose a team to win the game in regular time – overtime wins do not count towards wins for this type of bet.


Prop bets

NHL prop betting is often referred to as a game within a game. This is because bookmakers create odds for various events that can occur during a hockey game. Here are some popular NHL prop betting examples:

  • Which team will score first?
  • How many goals will be scored in the first period?
  • Will Player X have an assist this game?
  • Will Player Y score a goal this game?

Props betting can be game based on player performance. Support bets on NHL players tend to be more popular with savvy gamblers trying to predict which players will or won’t score in a game.

FAQ Best NHL Betting Sites

The National Hockey League is a professional hockey league with 32 teams from North America and is considered the best professional hockey league in the world. There are 25 American teams and 7 Canadian teams.
Yes, betting online on sports (including the NHL) is legal in Canada as long as the sportsbook is located overseas. This also requires you to be old enough to have a minimum wagering age of 18 or 19, depending on your province.
Yes, you can bet on the NHL in most mobile devices, including those running on the Android and iOS operating systems. Most top sportsbooks offer betting apps, while others require you to play through a mobile browser.
The most popular bets on NHL games are NHL Moneylines. Due to the competitiveness of the league, money lines provide tremendous value to NHL games. Game totals are also popular, while hockey lines and NHL props are the most common bets.
There are two ways to bet on the NHL in Canada - through provincial sportsbooks or through online sportsbook registration. Online sports betting offers several advantages over betting services such as Pro Line. Online sportsbooks offer better odds, single bets, big bonuses and live betting.